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Car Touchscreens Still Have a Long Road Ahead

Over the last few years, touchscreens have become fairly standard in many new, mid-range cars. But, writes Greg Kumparak for TechCrunch, manufacturers are going about the technology all wrong -- and causing dangerous situations. By taking all of the physical, pressable buttons operated by muscle memory off dashboards and onto touchscreens, drivers must now take their eyes off the road to see what they're doing. While both Apple and Google are working to fill the space, designer Matthaeus Krenn has come up with this cool concept video that might hopefully inspire some auto folks. Read more
February 18th, 2014
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Google Glass Helps Pop the Question on Valentine’s Day

With Google Glass being used in everything from extreme sports to surgical operations, it's only natural that people would turn to the device for assistance in the love department. Re/Code has put together clips of Glass wearers using the wearable to pop the big question on Valentine's Day, for the nerdiest "aww"-inducing compilation you'll see today. See the video here
February 16th, 2014
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Amazon’s Kindle Fire HDX Could Pose Real Threat to iPad

Amazon’s new Kindle Fire HDX tablets are flatter, faster – and cheaper -- than the iPad, thus putting a serious threat on Apple’s dominance. In addition to physical specs, new features let users send video to a smart TV or game console, enter low-power mode while reading books, download subscription movies for offline viewing, and even call for help from a live human technician. "We make money when people use our devices, not when they buy our devices," Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos told NBC News during an in-person product briefing where he showed off the two new tablets. The new 7-inch product will cost $239 and ships Oct. 15, while the 8.9-incher — now with a rear-facing 8-megapixel camera — will cost $379 when it ships on Nov. 7. Read more
September 25th, 2013
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The Past, Present and Future of Mobile Marketing

School-ranking site Top Marketing Schools has released a new infographic  with staggering statistics that show the growth of mobile marketing, from town criers in the Middle Ages to Alexander Graham Bell's world-changing 19th century invention to today's Android and iOS wars and beyond.The timeline projects that mobile marketing will generate $400 billion in sales in 2015 and that global mobile marketing spend will grow to $22 billion in 2016. See the full timeline here
September 9th, 2013
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Is iPhone Getting Blackberried?

Mobile devices have drastically changed over the years and the space continues to evolve at an expeditious pace. According to Mobile Marketer, BlackBerry was once considered at the top of its game and has since lost some of its appeal. With Apple's major drop in stock value and ongoing PR battle, is the manufacturing giant following in the same footsteps? For many, Apple is still at the height of its game and is considered a top manufacturer in the mobile space. Then again, BlackBerry was once considered that, too. “Nowhere is classic Schumpeterian creative destruction more at work than in the mobile space,” said Ritesh Bhavnani, chairman of Snipp Interactive, Washington. “First we had Nokia, then Motorola, then Palm, then BlackBerry, then Apple, then Android – and the mobile space continues to evolve at a faster pace. “While it’s virtually impossible to predict who will win in the future, it is virtually certain that there will be many more disruptions ahead,” he said. “That being said, I don't think Apple is becoming the new Blackberry – yet.
April 15th, 2013
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Please Turn On All Electronic Devices

For any airline passenger who has been annoyed during takeoff and landing when told to power down electronics, here's some great news: The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) may only require you to put some gadgets such as e-readers and laptops in "airplane mode" during takeoffs and landings — maybe as soon as next year. According to The New York Times, the FAA has been looking into the use of electronics on planes, and might ease up on the strict rules to shut them down during certain times. However, don't get too excited. This wouldn't apply to cellphones, the report said. The news comes following demands from the public to scientifically prove why devices such as e-readers can't be used to read during takeoff and landing. The F.A.A. has been meeting with key companies from different industries such as Amazon and the Consumer Electronics Association since January, and it plans to reveal its findings on July 31, 2013, according to The New York Times.
March 25th, 2013
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New BlackBerry Phone Almost Here!

Just over six weeks after the BlackBerry Z10 phone went on sale in Britain, the handset, which will very likely determine the fate of the company formerly known as Research In Motion, will start arriving in the hands of American customers. According to the New York Times, Katie McFadzean, a spokeswoman for T-Mobile U.S.A., said in an e-mail on Monday that the carrier expects to deliver the first of the new BlackBerrys to business users “as early as the end of the week.” While T-Mobile has yet to announce when consumers will be able to buy the phone, AT&T said in a separate statement on Monday that the phone will become available on March 22, with preorders beginning Tuesday. Shares of BlackBerry closed at $14.90, up 14 percent, on Nasdaq. The Z10, a touch-screen phone that uses a new BlackBerry operating system, became available in Britain the day after its public unveiling in New York on Jan. 30. In Canada, where BlackBerry is based, the phone went on sale the next week.
March 13th, 2013
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Never Look Up – Mobile Users, Tumblr’d

Are you guilty of staring down at your cell phone while briskly walking along the street, dodging oncoming pedestrians and traffic aided only by your peripheral vision? Then you may one day end up on "We Never Look Up," a photography blog dedicated to snapping pictures of unsuspecting technology obsessives as they walk along the street, texting away. The blog, featuring beautiful black-and-white photography, is the brainchild of an anonymous mobile researcher from Finland. "My inspiration was mainly commuting to work," the photographer told Mashable via e-mail. "Seeing people sitting in buses with their heads down, walking from point A to B without looking straight, waiting on trains and trams, silent, heads bowed down. And seeing people sitting in cafes and restaurants across from each other, using their phones, not uttering a word. You know, basic behavior nowadays." The photographer maintained he's not judging his subjects, just documenting them.
January 10th, 2013
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Are Brands Delivering Mobile Relevance?

The ability to deliver contextually relevant experiences is one of mobile’s big promises for marketers. According to Mobile Marketer, while many experiences have not lived up to these promises, there are signs that 2013 could see a significant jump forward. The ability to leverage not only the time of day and a user’s location – which marketers are getting better at all the time – but also a user’s behavior and preferences is key to strong contextual relevancy. However, marketers face internal as well external challenges to making this a reality. "I think most marketers are still failing to deliver strong contextual experiences on mobile devices,” said Thomas Husson, Paris-based analyst at Forrester Research. “I am not referring here to the advanced use of geo-fencing capabilities — there obviously have been great location-based campaigns,” he said. “By context, I also mean making the most of preferences stated by consumers and their past behaviors.
December 19th, 2012
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AdMobius Launches First Mobile Audience Management Platform

AdMobius launched today to enable publishers and advertisers to discover and target relevant audiences at scale for the first time. Its Audience Management Platform improves the performance and reach of ad campaigns for mobile advertising technology companies by aggregating mobile data to build target consumer segments. The company has closed a $5m Series-A investment round lead by Opus Capital and Storm Ventures to solve the challenge of mobile audience targeting. Audience buying has become a standard way to reach audiences online, but its application in mobile has been limited by the difficulty in identifying mobile audience targets at sufficient scale. By organizing and interpreting unique demographic- and interest-based information, AdMobius builds sizable mobile audience segments, from sports enthusiasts to style mavens. To create these segments, AdMobius aggregates data from publishers, secondary sources such as ad networks, and third-party data vendors. Currently, AdMobius’ Audience Management Platform can build consumer segments reaching 65 percent of iPhone users and 91 percent of iPad users globally. Look to meet CEO Dan Grigorovici, Mike Coppola and the team at the Mobile Media Summit on Monday, October 1st at the Hudson Terrace, held during Advertising Week,
September 25th, 2012
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Pandora’s Now Largely Mobile

Pandora announced some good metrics earlier this week, claiming that listener hours during July 2012 were up 76% over July 2011, to reach 1.12 billion. Also, according to MarketingVox, its share of total US radio listenership in July was 6.13%, an increase from 3.51% at the same time last year. Active listeners were 54.9 million at the end of July 2012, up 48% from 37.1 million in July last year. "The multi-platform ability to go through digital, mobile, video, audio, and the smartphone market place completely, has propelled our push into the market over the last year and will continue to be where we stake our value proposition in the ad buying community," says Pandora Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) who outlined the company’s short-range strategy to AdExchanger. "From a strategic standpoint, the majority of our audience is now on mobile products."
September 13th, 2012
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InMobi Buys Metaflow

The shopping spree for InMobi continues apace: today the mobile advertising network has announced the acquisition of UK-based Metaflow Solutions, a mobile app management and distribution company. According to TechCrunch financial terms of the deal have not been disclosed. The news comes in the same month that InMobi announced the acquisition of MMTG Labs, another company focused on the distribution of apps — and points to how InMobi is broadening the reach and targeting it can offer to its mobile advertising developers and publishers. (It also shows how the company is putting its most recent $200 million round of funding to good use.)
July 31st, 2012
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Medialets’ Eric Litman on Mobile Rich Media & More

Medialets, is arguably the premier brand advertising platform for mobile, counting companies such as The New York Times, ESPN and Toyota as clients and serving as a major catalyst for the industry-wide shift towards rich media. The company, founded in 2008, may also be one of the industry’s most formidable sleeping giants. They recently launched a private ad marketplace and has driven a unique merger of high quality creative with advertising technology innovation. In an interview this week between him and Carla Rover, Eric Litman, Chairman and CEO, sees brands moving ad spend with greater confidence towards mobile rich media as consumer engagement rates continue to outshine other formats and marketers begin to understand the space’s ability to deliver results. Great read!
July 31st, 2012
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A “Modern Classic” Mobile New Yorker Cover

Titled "Capturing the Memories" by artist Mark Ulrisksen on this week's "New Yorker Magazine," the cover appears to capture a family's distraction while on vacation, (with their mobile phones), as well as America's fascination with our smartphone lifestyles. If you look closely, you will see the shadow of the photographer taking the picture in what clearly is a phone camera. One thing's for certain, our mobile devices never get a holiday!
July 20th, 2012
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Are Publishers “Toast” On Mobile?

Mobile has undoubtedly shifted the way that publishers view their revenue models, but with drops in advertising revenue and media companies not taking advantage of the channel, can publishers survive in the post-PC world? According to Mobile Marketer, print publishers have grappled with how to approach mobile, whether it is with subscription models or advertising, for years. But when it comes down to it, do publishers have a chance in the mobile space or should they just cut their losses? “Mobile is a tiny market, however it is growing quickly,” said Agata Kaczanowska, lead industry analyst and media specialist at IBISWorld, Santa Monica, CA.
April 23rd, 2012
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