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Best Buy, 7-Eleven Shut Down NFC Capabilities

In a blow to NFC-based mobile payments, Best Buy and 7-Eleven have announced that they will be shutting down their near-field communications capabilities in their retail locations. Best Buy and 7-Eleven are realizing that the technology is not worth the cost for them, while at the same time hinting at the possibility of branded plays for their own mobile payment solutions, such as the one announced by Burger King
March 20th, 2014
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Goldman:There Will Be as Much M-Commerce in 2018 as E-Commerce in 2013

According to quantitative forecasts from Goldman Sachs, by 2018, we'll be seeing roughly as much mobile commerce ($626 billion) as we saw in e-commerce last year. In the shorter term, Goldman notes a tripling from 2012 to 2014. While they predict smartphone-based m-commerce growing at $20-$30 billion a year, they see the majority of sales coming from tablets. View their graphic of the forecast here
March 10th, 2014
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LoopPay Introduces Digital Wallet That Works Everywhere

What if there were a smartphone-based digital wallet that could hold multiple cards, let you choose among them, and wirelessly transmit the same information contained in a card’s magnetic stripe without using the card or swiping? A new product called LoopPay has introduced just that. The LoopPay system consists of two parts: an iPhone app called LoopWallet, and a detachable fob you can use to load the app with your cards and to pay, with or without the phone, at standard card readers used by all kinds of merchants. Watch Walt Mossberg test and review LoopPay in this video
March 4th, 2014
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Target Data Breach Might Boost Mobile Payments

Following its recent data breach, Target announced plans to speed up its transition to EMV, a chip-based payment standard that could give mobile payments a boost. Although the requirement of special hardware and readers have made the transition to EMV slow in the U.S. compared with other markets, because EMV promises enhanced security attributes over magnetic stripe cards, some U.S. retailers have newfound enthusiasm for installing it. It's expected that many of those retailers will also install the contactless readers needed for NFC-based mobile payments at the same time. Read more
February 13th, 2014
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RadioShack Opens Mobile-Integrated Concept Store

RadioShack opened its first custom concept store in New York City Feb. 1, using mobile technology to enhance the in-store experience. The interactive store lets consumers discover new products and connect with sales associates in a new way. Some of the new features include in-store tablets that let consumers experience different speakers, touchscreens and apps to help shoppers get a better understanding of different products, and a speaker wall that can be controlled by in-store tablets. The concept store is being introduced at the same time that RadioShack is rebranding itself with the slogan “Do It Together." Read more
February 4th, 2014
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Smartphones Increasingly Become Shopping Tool

A new study from Baynote suggests a paradigm shift in consumer shopping preferences. According to the “2014 Holiday Shopper Survey,” 70% of 2013 holiday shoppers frequently used their mobile device to find a store or information about a store like hours and directions, and 34% used a retailer's branded mobile app to make a purchase. 64% and 62% used their smartphones to compare prices before and while shopping, respectively, while 63% frequently used them to determine what to purchase. Additionally, 63% of the 1,000 respondents frequently used their mobile device to receive coupons or promotions. Read more
February 3rd, 2014
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Shopkick Launches Biggest Apparel Rollout Yet

Location-based offer website Shopkick last week announced the installation of Apple's iBeacon technology in 100 American Eagle Outfitters stores nationwide, including locations of sister brand Aerie. The startup was already an early mover with its shopBeacon service and its Shopkick trial in two Macy’s stores in November 2013 (at the time, the first retail trial of the technology), but this will be the largest deployment of iBeacons in apparel sales to date. Apple started rolling out iBeacons across its 254 U.S. stores in December 2013, and inMarket is adding iBeacons to some 200 Safeway and Giant Eagle grocery stores. Read more
January 19th, 2014
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Auto Shoppers More Likely to Be Influenced by Digital Ads

Of the millions of American consumers planning to soon buy an automobile, 21% say that digital advertising will affect their purchase decision -- 71% more than the average population -- according to a joint report from the Interactive Advertising Bureau and stats company Prosper Insights. Other key findings from the IAB/Prosper Insights report, comparing auto shoppers to regular consumers, found that auto shoppers are more likely to own smartphones (75% vs. 54%), as well as tablets (42% vs. 33%), and are more prone to be digital video streamers, both online (69% vs. 56%) and on mobile devices (52% vs. 35%). Read more
January 13th, 2014
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J.P. Morgan’s ‘Nothing but Net’ Report Goes Mobile

Analyst Doug Anmuth and his team of researchers at J.P. Morgan chose to lead off the U.S. Internet “themes” section of the firm’s annual “Nothing But Net” report with a quote from Google Chairman Eric Schmidt: "The trend has been that mobile was winning … it’s now won.” The report advises investors on which Internet companies to invest in for the year ahead. With mobile usage already crossing the 50% tipping point of total “online” usage, the analysts predict that monetization will "catch-up" this year.

Most of the key players driving mobile ad monetization, such as Twitter, Facebook, Google and Pandora are the same ones ranked atop the report’s overall Internet sector recommendations. Singling out Pandora and Facebook as “achieving superior mobile monetization” that is “closing the gap” between mobile usage and revenue, Anmuth says all the pieces are coming together to attract major brands and agencies. Read more
January 12th, 2014
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Boosted by Mobile, Cyber Monday Sales Predicted to Top $2 Billion

A 2013 Online Shopping Forecast released by Adobe yesterday promises that e-commerce sales on Cyber Monday will hit $2.27 billion. The trend of “shopping on the sly,” i.e. making purchases on mobile phones while waiting on long Black Friday lines in brick-and-mortar stores, will benefit online retailers, as some 40% of consumers told Adobe that they're apt to do that, while 28% said they'll rely more on mobile devices to make purchases this year. Retailers that have optimized their websites for mobile display will benefit most from the increased activity. They will do 20% of their holiday business via mobile, a 47% increase over 2012. But the non-optimizers will still do well. Adobe predicts their mobile sales will rise by 40% and account for 14% of their total sales. Read more
November 5th, 2013
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‘Cheap’ iPhone More Expensive in China

Thanks to the Chinese government’s decision on Wednesday to approve that iPhones run on China Mobile, the devices are one step closer to being offered by the biggest cellphone carrier in the globe. However, the bigger news is that the supposedly cheaper iPhone 5C 's starting price in China will be 4,488 renminbi, or $733, without subsidies from mobile operators. That is not far below the price of the new flagship Apple iPhone 5S, which starts at 5,288 renminbi. The price is about 33 % in China than the full, unsubsidized $549 cost in the United States. Read more
September 11th, 2013
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PayPal Enables Hands-Free Payment

PayPal on Tuesday announced PayPal Beacon, a new technology that will let consumers pay at many of their favorite stores in a hands-free manner. PayPal will use Bluetooth Low Energy, a technology that enables connected devices to communicate with each other seamlessly while keeping energy consumption at a very low level. Consumers will have full control of stores they want to check in to, those they will want to get prompted to confirm payment for, and stores they will want to enable a complete hands-free experience for, PayPal says. Read more.
September 10th, 2013
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How Loyalty Can Put Your Company in Peoples’ Pockets

Mobile payment still has plenty of critics, but in order for retailers to succeed in mobile, they must focus on loyalty, writes ExactTarger senior marketing consultant Melinda Krueger on According to a recent study by Vibes, 85% of consumers said they would benefit from storing and organizing offers and loyalty cards on their phones, 67% would try a mobile wallet if it meant better promotions, more relevant offers and an enhanced brand experience, and 59% said these features would positively impact their perception of the retailer. Read more
September 8th, 2013
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Amazon’s Mobile Commerce Unit Has Great Potential, but Developers May Hesitate

's newly announced mobile commerce ad unit,  which allows developers to receive a cut of profits for including Amazon products in ads, not only expands  mobile's advertiser base beyond  app publishers looking to drive downloads, but it does so without requiring app publishers operate an in-house sales team. App publishers may, however, have some hesitations about the product. For one, there is less of a guarantee they will make money from the ads than other available options. App developers using an ad network or exchange at least know they will be paid, whether according to the number of ads shown or the number of clicks, said Paran Johar, founder-CEO of Mobile Media Summit. "What Amazon is saying is that app developers will only get paid if someone actually transacts." That's a big if.  Read more
September 3rd, 2013
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Twitter Names First Head of Commerce

It appears Twitter is looking to extend its mobile and social reach to commerce in a big way. The company this week named its first ever head of commerce, Nathan Hubbard, who was previously CEO of Ticketmaster. Twitter has said it is looking to partner with retailers and payment providers as it pursues its commerce strategy, as opposed to trying to create a standalone commerce solution. These players are likely to be eager to partner with Twitter given the size of its user base and the learning opportunity it will provide.  Read more.
September 2nd, 2013
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