Twilight-Themed Pottermore Parody Gets 300,000 Hits, a Twilight-themed parody site that riffs on J. K. Rowling’s, has attracted over 300,000 visitors since its launch on Saturday. Many of those visitors are avid Twilight fans who’d probably be thrilled if the site were real. was launched by Kaleb Nation, the 22-year-old author of the extremely popular Twilight fan blog Nation blogged about his experience as a guy reading the Twilight novels between 2008 and 2009; since he finished them, he’s turned the site into a legitimate and well-known source of Twilight book and movie news. That’s all to say that is a parody created by a fan, not a hater, and the most interesting thing about it isn’t that it’s funny (though it is) but that it hints at pent-up demand for other author-driven fan communities.

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